Let the beard growing commence!  It’s only been half a season and already we are in the playoffs for the NHL. Hockey fans everywhere will start to procrastinate night after night and men women and children will do their best to grow the hair on their face.

I love playoff hockey, it’s the only thing that gets me more excited than the start of the hockey season. Every game is on TV and every game counts. And the playoff beard, now that’s a super important part. Everyone knows if you shave your face too early you cause some super bad juju for your team and you are the reason they will lose. I don’t make the rules, that’s just the way the hockey Gods work.

I realize I may be 1 of only 2 Ottawa Senators fans in the entire city of Albany but I don’t care. As a Senator’s fan I don’t often get to participate in the playoff beard growing festivities so this year I’m super pumped, however I am a little concerned. See like an 11 year old pre pubescent boy, I lack the face hormones to grow a manly rugged beard. Often times my face looks like I just got done jogging when some sneaky individual has tossed a fist full of his freshly shaven ball hairs at my chin. So I’d be lying if I didn’t say there was a small insignificant part of me that secretly wants the Sens to not make the cup so I can shave. But that part of me is being smashed down and hidden by the hockey loving part of me. And the hockey part of me is HUGE! The hockey loving part of me has taken that negative sissy part of me and smashed a pint glass on it’s head, dragged its unconscious body out to the parking lot and stuffed it in the wheel well of someone’s Toyota Tacoma. The Sens are going the distance this year and I don’t give a damn if my face looks like the armpit of Susanne B Anthony in the process.