When Paula Asher, 18, of Kentucky was arrested for DUI on July 20th, she apparently found the incident a lot funnier than Woodford County Judge Mary Jane Phelps did.  Asher's poor attempt at humor landed her jail time separate than that of her DUI charges when the judge threw the book at her for posting an "LOL" comment on Facebook.

Back on July 20th Paula Asher allegedly struck another car with four people inside.  Accused of T-boning the car and fleeing the scene, police arrested Asher and charged her with leaving the scene of an accident, driving under the influence (BAC was .089 according to reports), possession of a controlled substance (Police state this is two Xanax pills) and for not offering aid to those she hit in the accident.

Asher took to Facebook and alerted the world of her side of the story, posting ""My dumb (bleep) got a DUI and hit a car LOL."  Naturally, the comment did not sit well with others and the judge ordered Asher to deactivate her Facebook account August 14th.  Choosing to ignore the judge's requests, Asher was charged with contempt of court and sentenced to two days in jail.

Asher won't be laughing much longer, she faces that laundry list of DUI and more charges in court September 24th.

What do you think about the "LOL" charges?  Personally, I think this girl needs the max penalty on the 24th!