Reporter Owns Video Bomber During Newscast [VIDEO]
So, you're a reporter smack dab in the middle of your 'live on the street' news shot. Picturing this? All you're doing is working, right? Out of no where, and in the middle of you doing your damn job live on T.V., some random chick interrupts you. She shouts: 'Go 49'ers wooooo, I'm from California'.…
Stripper Pole Breaks With Stripper Thinking, Today Sucks [VIDEO]
Oh yeah, you read that correctly. A stripper somewhere in stripper land did what she does best: climbing up a stripper pole. I've learned two things in my 34 yrs of existence: 1- Stripping can't be an easy job. B- Stripper poles never break. I guess I'll file 'B' into '…
Mom Gets Three Year Old Son Tattooed [VIDEO + POLL]
Yes a mom got her three year old tattooed - you read that correctly. Ahhhh what is wrong with people, seriously? When my little guy was a toddler I always thought to myself: 'Man, Noah would look really sweet with a Dora The Explorer tat on his arm'. I'm sure as Noah got older he would be like 'Dadd…
Ultimate Pizza Sandwich [VIDEO]
Our friends to the north, you know: the Epic Meal Time dudes from YouTube? Yeah, those dudes go crazy with their ridiculous, yet yummy looking, over sized, over loaded and sky high calorie creations, especially with the Ultimate Pizza Sandwich.
Beer Pong Fail [VIDEO]
One thing I have never been able to wrap my head is around is beer pong. Bare with me: I get how the game is played and all that jazz, but it's the cleanliness of the game that makes me want to yack, honestly. Throw ball at cup, ball misses hits the floor, new person grabs ball, soak ball in cup of …
Hot Chick Eats Pizza, Makes All Of Us Hungry [VIDEO]
I had an interesting conversation this morning with a manager here at the station. The focus of the meeting? 'How to effectively show who I AM, via story telling here on this fancy site'. In other words- 'Bro, be yourself'. Consider it done!
‘Of Theatre Bikinis’ – Independent Film from Albany
Once of my favorite past times at work is to see what people in our area are posting on Youtube. This week I found the "independent" film "Of Theatre of Bikinis" by Very Scary Productions. Very Scary Productions is based out of the Albany area where the filming ta…
Get A First Look At The New Star Trek Movie
I love Star Wars and Star Trek movies. So I'm exciting for the new Star Trek movie Star Trek Into The Darkness to hit threaters! It also doesn't hurt that Chris Pine is the leading star in it as well.Let's just say the saga continues!
The Five Second Rule Is Under The Microscope
Should you stop using the 5 second rule.Answer is YES!!! For years and years I know this is the one rule that a lot of people follow. And believe it or not more women than men!!But does is it really safe and does it really work?

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