Kim Kardashian Tweets Sexy Workout Pic
Kim Kardashian is someone that the world loves to hate.  Well, some people love her, but most people don't.  This new picture showing off her sexy toned body while in a sports bra has us picking our jaws up off the ground.
Three Ways To Make Your Workout Seem Quick And Effortless
So I finally went back to the gym this week after months of blowing it off. I had an excuse though, I didn't have car, so you can't yell at me. Anyway, we all know how daunting and torturous the gym can be, so I discovered a few tricks you can do to make the time so by faster, and to make …
Burning Calories Outside the Gym
With the sky rocketing prices of gym membership and aerobics classes, it's hard to keep the gym in your budget, especially when it comes to your general list of necessities. Today, Self Magazine listed 20 activities outside the gym that can help you burn 200 calories...