Until this week, I had never heard of CrossFit before.  I happened to flip on ESPN 2 and see the CrossFit games going on and I was immediately hooked.

I am a guy who likes to work out regularly.  I use to be primarily into weightlifting, but have recently started running.  The other day I discovered a kind of workout/sport that combines those two exercises plus gymnastics, power lifting and a varieity of other intense training methods.  It's called CrossFit and I am sure it will kick your ass.

The competition I was watching had guys doing front squats, then climbing across a long set of monkey bars (both ways), then more front squats then onto an exercise bike.  Pretty intense.  That would kill my upper body and lower body.  You for sure have to be an elite athlete in order to take on this competition.   Fortunately though if you just want to crazy workout you jsut have to be determined and committed.

There is a CrossFit gym located right here in Albany that you can check out.  They offer a bunch of workouts from beginner to advance, though I imagine the jump is pretty quick.  If you're looking to get your ass kicked into shape then perhaps this is the best thing besides Marine Corps boot camp.

Check out Albany CrossFit on their website and also on facebook.  I may just have to start doing this workout.