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Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata 1959-2015 (Video)
Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata lost his battle with cancer on Saturday, Satoru Iwata was responsible for giving us the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and much more, but the most important thing he brought to the world was happiness.
Bowser Wants Real Guns
Remember Super Mario 3 - Heck, all Mario games for that instance - with Bullet Bill and his extremely slow, easy to dodge self?
Dumb Ways to Die in Video Games [Video]
Back around Thanksgiving, a video was released by a company in Australia to educate their employees on work safety. The video called "Dumb Ways To Die" now has a parody on the net, "Dumb Ways To Die In Video Games."
Super Mario – In A Bead World [Video]
The internet is full of Super Mario related tributes; people dressing up as their favorite character, cartoon renditions, etc. Brothers Hannes and Marcus Knutsson have created a series of videos showing Mario in the real world, but he and the rest of his world are done in beads.

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