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A Dummy For President (Video)
Donald Trump may have competition for the most entertaining presidential candidate, because Louie has launched his campaign and Dan America volunteers his service as campaign manager.
How To Stop Democracy From Being Hacked – Tech Thursday
And so we close the book on another Presidential election. Most of the stories reported were about the long lines in Florida, and what states were trending to which candidate. Then there was the story about a software engineer that discovered that the voting machine he was using, was registering vot…
Where’s Sarah?
We found Osama, we're still looking for Waldo and Carmen Sandeigo now let's add Sarah Palin to that list.   She is currently taking a bus tour across America stopping at historic places along the way and adding speculation she might be running for president.
Trump Backs Down from Presidential Election
Donald Trump has decided to back down from the Presidential election. He's clearly got too much in his life going on in his life right now, and still has a lot going for him. Maybe with time he will change his mind.
Honestly, I have high hopes for him...