Cop Rewards Good Drivers In Prank
If there is one thing every motorist hates, it's when a cop gets behind. Your palms start to sweet, you become over cautious of your every move, and you keep looking behind you to see what he/she is doing.
Imagine getting pulled over, but the cop doesn't write you a ticket. No, he is actual…
ATM Robbery Prank Gone Wrong [VIDEO]
Let's take a virtual stroll to the land down under cause ATM robbery pranks are all the rage, apparently. Which is funny, cause this 'prank' isn't funny, especially when someone runs up to you, throws you to the ground and demands your money.
‘The Walking Dead’ Attacks New York City [Video Prank]
Sunday is the day all Walking Dead fans have been waiting for, the mid-season premiere. Finally we will find out what happens to the group after the Governor's invasion and subsequent walker invasion on the prison.
Because of the show most everyone imagines what they would do if the Zombie Apocalypse…
Extreme Wake-Up Call Prank
Japanese television shows are definitely interesting, so interesting that American television companies poorly attempt to try to recreate them for our consumption. I'll stick to the original thank you very much.
Outside of showing up on an episode of Jackass, I don't think anyone would try …

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