Watch: Snake In A Purse Prank
Pretend you saw a purse laying on the ground. What would you do? Leave it there, pick it up and take it 'Lost & Found,' or would you look inside to see what you can find?
Imagine going near that purse to have a snake jump out at you.
Drive Thru Skeleton Prank Is Actually Funny
The Magic of Rahat Youtube channel run by a guy named Rahat, has been round for a while. His more popular stunts involves him dressing up like a car seat so that it looks like no one is driving the car. This time he add a skeleton in to the mix.
Headless Driver Drive-Thru Prank [Video]
Poor drive through workers. They have to deal with the nastiest of people who can't even be bothered with leaving their vehicle to get whatever they ordered.
Now they have to deal with pranksters!
Weatherman Pranked On Live TV
Happy birthday to "Huge Anus," the 10-year-old boy from Los Angeles.  Or at least that is what KTLA wants you to think...  The weather man from the Los Angeles station fell for one of the oldest pranks in the book when he announced the 10 birthday of "Hue Jaynus" live on televisi…

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