Why Photographers Are Completely Datable
I saw a post on Facebook from a photographer friend of mine. The post was call 41 reasons why you shouldn't date a photographer. Being a photographer and an all-around awesome guy, I wanted to see why I would be considered undateable. So I clicked.
Sasquatch! Music Festival 2013 Photo Recap
This year's Sasquatch! Music Festival kicked off with a bang! Well ... OK, the weather wasn't exactly cooperative, as it rained on Friday and most of Monday, but that didn't stop thousands upon thousands of concertgoers from enjoying four days (May 24-27) of awesome music at the Gorge Amphitheater, …
Hot Girls In Stop Motion [VIDEO]
What is it about a camera that brings out the crazy side of people?  These two ladies popped in front of a camera in just their under garments and let lose to some crazy techno music.  It's cool because of how they did it with the stop motion,much like the old 1960's Christmas specials, but much sex…