Build A Better Halftime Show! (VIDEO)
#@yonce has been added to the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show, she will join Coldplay in reminding everyone watching Super Bowl 50, that it is time to visit the restroom.
I remember a simpler time, when real bands performed at the Super Bowl...
And Now … Speakers For Your Vagina
Apparently, singing while impregnated or placing headphones on your fetus-filled belly just isn't getting quality sound to your unborn child. No worries, there is a solution! Insert Babypod!
This Has to Be the Least Punk Thing Ever!
Apparently some sort of holding company has gotten ahold of the CBGB trademarks and is in the process of opening a CBGB "Lounge And Bar" or LAB for short IN THE NEWARK AIRPORT?!?!?! What is happening here? I'm so confused...
The 12 Days of Christmas Day 2 (Video)
"The 12 Days of Christmas," is a very confusing song, because it begins on "The first day of Christmas," the song counts up to the 12th day, at the beginning of each verse but suddenly begins counting down, or is it just listing the gifts given on each day in reve…
Vintage Halloween Jazz (Video)
They sure don't make Halloween music like this anymore, but if you really want to scare people this Halloween, play this music, and enjoy the irony.
It's fun to relive the past, and in this case, it seems that they thought Halloween music should sound like Christmas music, but don't ju…
Is Kelly Osbourne A Racist? (Video)
Kelly Osbourne, is allot of things, according to her Wikipedia she is the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, she is a singer-songwriter, actress, television personality, fashion designer and now, because of her comments about Latinos on The View, she may also be a racist.
Meet LadyBaby (Video)
I was struggling to find something to blog about today, I wanted to give you all something interesting, but music related. I could not find anything that you don't already know, fortunately there is Japan.
Go Vote GWAR Now! wants you to vote on who is the 'Best Live Band' and GWAR is up against KISS for 'Best Live Act.' There are more categories and more bands to vote for, but I think you should go vote for GWAR!

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