kate upton

Kate Upton’s Burger Commercial [VIDEO]
You can never have enough of Kate Upton.  After watching Kate's new burger commercial, I need to find a Carl's Jr and a Drive In immediately.   This burger is so good and so hot it makes sweat bead down Kate's cleavage, also causing her to remove some of her clothing.&n…
Kate Upton is Hot & Dancing [VIDEO]
On this radio station website, there are numerous video's and photos of hot chicks.  Kate Upton is definitely in a league of her own.  She's also on the cover of the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  Kate is only 19, so there will plenty more video's to stare at …
Kate Upton’s Sexy New Sobe Ad [VIDEO]
Kate Upton is one seriously hot lady, and proves it once again in this new Sobe commercial.  I think I would be able to win a staring contest with here provided it was just staring at her! Holy Hotness!