Kate Upton is one seriously hot lady, and proves it once again in this new Sobe commercial.  I think I would be able to win a staring contest with here provided it was just staring at her! Holy Hotness!

I remember a while back that QT Amanda posted a video of Kate Upton doing the "Dougie", so it's only fitting that it's being played in this commercial. I saw a friend of mine had posted it to facebook, and I'll click anything that has Kate Upton in it. This may be my favorite new commercial, unless they make another RGX Body Spray commercial (remember those?).  She seems like a really cool chick, just one that knows that she is smoking hot.  She can take Sobe from me anytime!

If that wasn't enough Kate for you, which I'm sure it wasn't, here is more of here having a good time on the set of the commercial in that same bikini. Enjoy!