high gas prices

Gas Prices to See High Spike in Coming Days
We've seen high gas prices over the last few years; the high ones and the lower ones that we make ourselves believe is a "deal". Well, be prepared - Gas prices are expected to see a sharp spike in the coming days.
Gas Prices to Drop by Summer
Analysts are saying gas prices are going to drop just in time for summer vacation.  We could see a drop at the pump by as much as 50 cents by June.  It's about time.
The Most Expensive Gas In The World
Gas prices are utterly crazy!  Just the thought of paying over $4 for a gallon of gas gets me upset.  If you think that is high, wait to you see what people pay in Africa.
$4 A Gallon For Gas
New York has now joined five other states, we are now paying $4 dollars a gallon for unleaded gasoline.  Many are not happy about it - when are we going to stop complaining and have our congress or government put a stop to all this?