New York has now joined five other states, we are now paying $4 dollars a gallon for unleaded gasoline.  Many are not happy about it - when are we going to stop complaining and have our congress or government put a stop to all this?

I certainly am not happy about having to pay $4 a gallon for gas, and I dont think , many people are. We are a mobile society, public transportation sucks in the Capital Region or America for that fact.  Can any of us ride a bike to work from Clifton Park to Schenectady? I'm sure you could if you dont mind taking over an hour to get there- wouldnt it be nice to have a bicycle lane on the northway?

The last time gas prices rose this high, we had Hilary Clinton trying to get a law passed to drop state taxes from the price in an effort to lower the prices.  Who's talking now?  Nobody-

How about all the talk on Hybrid cars?  Nothing -  We need to now change our driving habits.  Why are we just sitting here and doing nothing about the rising gas prices, except to say that they are rising.  There is no reason for it.  We have plenty of supplies, we don't buy gasoline from Libya - which the political uprising in Libya is the reason they say its rising.

New York joins Alaska, Hawaii, Californina, Connecticut and illionis for over $4 a gallon for gas.  Gas has incresed for 25 straight days and there is no end in sight as the summer season hasnt hit yet.   Many say the economy is back on a roll, I say we will go back into a recession if gas prices continue to surge.  Nobody will have any money to buy the extra things.  We will stick to the necessarities.

We need to stop complaining about high gas prices and do something about it.  We can boycott, use less gas etc etc, but its our government that really needs to put a stop to this, we can stand it anymore!

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