Godzilla Is Actually a Really Cool Guy in New Snickers Ad
Did you know that when he's not rampaging through cities and laying waste to the countryside, the legendary beast known as Godzilla is actually a really cool guy who likes to party, hang out with his buddies and play a mean game of ping pong? That's the one joke in a new Snickers ad, but t…
New ‘Godzilla’ Trailer Is Amazing [VIDEO]
As someone that grew up on the original "Godzilla" franchise and was offended by the 1998 attempt at a remake I am more than excited to see the new Godzilla movie starring "Breaking Bad's" Bryan Cranston. You will be too after you watch this trailer!
Original Godzilla Stomps Into Theaters Before Big-Budget Remake
When most Americans think of Godzilla, they think of the movies that filled Sunday-afternoon voids on basic cable. That Godzilla was rarely menacing, and in some series installments he was actually heroic, helping puny humans battle the likes of equally phony looking beasties like Rodan and Baragon.…
New ‘Godzilla’ Photos Unleash the “Wrath of God”
Come Tuesday, December 10 at 1 pm EST, we'll get our first trailer for 'Godzilla,' the upcoming reboot from director Gareth Edwards. To hold you over until then, three new photos (including one of the colossal beast itself) from the film have been unveiled, and by the looks of st…
‘Weather Godzilla’ Spotted Over New England
Look closely. That weather pattern looks kind of like Godzilla, no? The folks at Fun 107 think so, and are calling it "Weather Godzilla."
"But does it have a novelty Twitter account?," you may be asking. Why yes. Yes it does. Weather Godzilla already came and went without doing si…
Happy 68th Birthday, Godzilla!
The star of the longest film franchise in history turns 68 today, celebrating a long career in film, animation, and advertising. We are referring, of course, to the King of the Monsters himself, Godzilla. Below, a retrospective of his highs and lows.