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Chad Ochocinco Would Like To Be A Fans Roommate
The NFL is back and so are the trades and players joining new teams.  One of the newest New England Patriots Wide Receiver Chad Ochocino is creating quite a buzz in his new hometown. He is looking to be a roommate and live with a fan at least for the first few weeks of the season while he searc…
Chad Ochocinco Rides Bull Gets $10,000 [VIDEO]
Chad Ochocinco, NFL wide receiver of the Cincinnati Bengals backed up his promise that he could ride a 1500 pound bull on the Professional Bull Riding circuit. He lasted 1.5 seconds and earned $10,000 for charity.
Odd Jobs For NFL Players
You’ve probably already heard about Chad Ochocinco trying out for a soccer team in Kansas City, but he’s such a goofball that no one is ever sure if they should take him seriously or not. But now Dhani Jones of the Cincinnati Bengals