You’ve probably already heard about Chad Ochocinco trying out for a soccer team in Kansas City, but he’s such a goofball that no one is ever sure if they should take him seriously or not. But now Dhani Jones of the Cincinnati Bengals auditioning for the new voice of the Aflac Duck has people wondering if he’s planning on not getting paid from NFL and looking for a new source of income.

What’s really funny to me is why they’re looking for a new voice. What happened to the old one? The old voice of course was Gilbert Gottfried. Well Gilbert got fired earlier this month for tweeting many insensitive jokes about the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. What a knuckle-head! I know his whole shtick has always been to be really annoying and piss people off, but c’mon dude! You’ve pissed off so many people that you probably just blew your last gig. I hope so. I used to love that guy. I remember years ago when just seeing his face would make me laugh hysterically. But you can only send out so much negativity before everyone is tired of you. And I’m tired of Gilbert.

Hey, maybe you’d like to be the voice of the Aflac Duck. If so, here’s the link and good luck.