Being in radio, I’ve been given many cd’s throughout the years. And often times I get people that shoot me an email telling me I have to check out this band of young kids. Or they come up to me and tell me how great their kid, nephew or whatever is. (You know how people are always much more impressed with their own kids/relatives talents and not afraid to boast.) Well usually, I hear some potential but am not really blown away. Not so with ‘Stuck on Stupid”, these guys are awesome!

I was at Savanah’s last Friday night for the St. Jude Research Benefit, and to my surprise Stuck on Stupid was on the bill. I thought cool, I know somebody told me about these guys about a year or so ago mentioning that they were in their mid-teens. From talking to their manager that night I gather that at this point they’re about 16-17. And they are all really talented and tight. Often times at this point, maybe one guy in the band may be excelling more than the others, but they all seem to be at the same level as I didn’t notice any weak links in the chain.

As it turns out I had seen their front-man Dom perform a few years back. And you might have too and not known it. The last time Tesla played Northern Lights we had a guitar competition at the Firkin’ and Fox where one Q103 listener had a chance to play a song on stage with Tesla that night. The winner was Dom Brino of Stuck On Stupid. If you were there you’d remember that he played ‘Signs’ with the band and that it was quite impressive.

Below is promo video they have but I would check out their Revebnation page as they just keep getting better. I have a thing for the song ‘Fly High’ but they are all really good. Rock on guys!