And yet another reason why I'm not a weatherman. High pressure air preventing a storm from running up the east coast which may lead to 4-8 inches of snow falling on Thursday, or not. High pressure, what?  Yeah, it makes no sense to me but I will try to explain it anyways.


Steve Teeling over at News10 is predicting the storm to start Thursday morning with the heaviest of snow in the afternoon, which will certainly make for an interesting ride home. Snow should finish up early Friday.

Locally we may see 8"-12", with 3"-10" north and west of Albany and 12" or more in the Greens and Berkshires.


A storm is moving up the east coast and could affect us, if, high pressure allows it to move in. I'm pretty sure high pressure acts as a wall, preventing cooler air from moving in?

According to the TU, the National Weather Service thinks this storm will track more to the east, which will most definitely prevent more snow from falling but right now predictions are being made anyways: 4"-8" may fall on Thursday making our PM commute way more fun.