Remember the movie "Over The Top"? No? It's an 80's gem that should be watched for just how bad Silvester Stallone could be in a movie. Think "Rocky," except with arm wrestling. Now let's move to present times and the state of Delaware where Megan Weber broke her arm in a charity arm wrestling tourney.

It was during a Delaware Arm Wrestling Lady League tournament when Megan, known as Rogue Scout, would sit down to take on "Sweet Treats". And yes, the first time I read her name I thought it was "Sweet Teets" too. Megan beat Sweet in the first round with little to no effort.

Second round - that's a different story. Sweet changed up hands and in the process of the match, Megan would break her humerus.

Megan told a local paper that she never expected this to happen and was simply looking to have some fun.

Rogue Scout is now going to have to take some time off from her day job, working for a physical therapist. I guess that is a blessing though seeing as how her boss can help her recover.

Remember how I mentioned "Over The Top"? Here's the trailer: