All I can say is: 'Whoa!' Well that and: 'These chicks are animals'. Animals loaded up on scream juice. I'm pretty sure 'scream juice' isn't real. In fact, I know it isn't. However, if it were, these chicks would own a ton of stock. Like the Bill Gates of juice that makes you scream like wild animals.

The title of the video reads 'The European Championship 2013 in arm wrestling in Druskininkai (Lithuania)'.  Nah, I don't think so. It should read:

Two Bat-S--- Crazy Broads Scream Like Wild Banshee's During Arm Wrastlin Match

Oh yeah, has a nice ring to it!

Angels I tell ya. Pure, elegant, angels. Chicks you would take home to mama. Chicks you would gladly let throw down for you. Chicks you keep in a cage after 9p. Arm Wrastlin chicks! All hale arm wrastlin chicks.