Rock bank front man-turned solo artist Serj Tankian has had a busy month. With the release of his fourth studio album 'Orca' on June 25 and his upcoming fifth studio album 'Jazz-Iz-Christ' due out tomorrow, fans sure have had a lot to look forward to. The second track off 'Orca' has just been released in the form of a music video and it can be seen after the jump.

Orca is composed of only four extended songs and mimics that of a classical symphony. It is made up of four songs that are referred to as "acts" that were all recorded in Tankian's Austrian studio back in October of 2012.

Tankian's solo fall tour commences on September 19 in Kiev, Ukraine and will feature a live orchestra to accompany the album's overall purpose and sound, which he comments:

Orca is known as the killer whale, but is really a dark dolphin, a symbolism for human dichotomy.


The four different acts always reminded me of earth, sky, water, and underground. Four different zones of the world, not all necessarily inhabited by Orca, but definitely controlled by men.

What do you think of the video?