So I figured that most people reading this will be men and as men we're thinking, this rock girl thing is cool, but whats in it for me?


If your a guy with a hot girlfriend / wife, why would you not want her to enter? I get it, your probably worried that you might get jealous or angry having strange men staring at your lady, but the trade off is worth it. With close to $6,000 in prizes, trust me, it can only make your life easier.

Here's a list of prizes for her and how it can benefit you.....

-  A $1,000 card to Top Custom Jewelers - If a little bling doesn't get her in the mood I don't know what will.

Salon services at Shelley Salon & Day Spa - Come on, your lady LOVES this stuff and lets face it, manicures, pedicures and facials (hee-hee) can get expensive.

- A modeling package (valued at $500) with Albany Talent Agency - Who knows where this could lead? A multi-million dollar modeling career?

One year of total access at Delmar Health & Fitness - Imagine what your already hot girlfriend / wife will look like after 11 one on one sessions with trainer Mike Mashuta.

One $250 gift card to Timeless Tattoo - nothing is hotter than some well placed ink. Just don't suggest your name, that's a little tacky.

A one year supply of Death Wish Coffee - No more " I'm too tired " excuses.

A paid position with Q103, including being the face of the station at events, a guest DJ spot on our station and a blog on our website - She gets to go to all the shows!!!! That means she'll have to bring somebody with her......

We've also thrown in a chance to see and meet Disturbed in New Orleans and to see Motley Crue.

If your still not sure it's a good idea to "let" your hot lady sign up, your crazy!!!!! Have her sign up now. The chance to become the Q103 rock girl will be over soon!!! We will be signing ladies up at Martels Grill in Colonie on Saturday from 7-9 or just click the link at