So I came up with this ingenious idea a few days ago. Show two pics of two smokin hot pieces of tale, add a poll and well- Let you vote on who you would want to Pump or Dump. It's easy- Who you taking home and who you leaving high and dry? Let the games begin!

Last night, your votes solidified Raquel Pomplun as your Monday night 'Pump' with Twitter's golden child Paulina Gretzky officially 'Dumped'. Naturally, I tweeted at the two with Raquel taking the time to respond:

Twitter Screenshot

What can I say- I'm a sucker for a hot Playboy model showing the world her lovely assets, seriously. Congrats, Raquel!

Tonight's Main Event:

We have last night's champ (Raquel) who again is, all over Playboy (tv, radio, model) and of course  lovely to look at- Yeah, she's defending her title against one of porn's most successful movie makers- Welcome Tera Patrick to 'Pump or Dump'.