It's Hump-Night! Throw on some mellow jazz, grab a glass of wine, and prepare yourself for an explosion of emotion as you decide who you would take home for the night. Of course, this is all hypothetical- but- If you could, who would you 'Pump or Dump'?

Playboy lovely and smokin hot model Raquel Pomplun was DE-throned with Tera Patrick taking 62% of your vote and of course crowned as your hypothetical 'Pump', last night. For the record- Raquel is super cool chick who will certainly get back at you via Twitter, plus- she's all about posting pics. Tweet away!


Tonight's Main Event

Former porn-star and resident 'Pump' Tera Patrick is defending her title with her sexy sleeve, bodacious boobs, and all around super sexy look (which I'm sure makes her ex Evan still wonder- Why did I divorce her?) as Hawaii native, pro-surfer and bikini model Alana Blanchard makes a play at Tera in tonight's 'Pump or Dump'.

Ding Ding Ding!!!