Heisman Trophy winner, Robert Griffin III, appears to be making his way to the Washington Redskins when this summer's NFL draft rolls around as Washington made a massive trade today with the St. Louis Rams.

The Rams whom are set at Quarter Back with a former Heisman winner of their own in Sam Bradford, have been shopping their second overall pick in this summer's NFL drat around.  The perennial favorite to go number two overall is Baylor QB, Robert Griffin.  Not needing a QB, the Rams traded that pick to the highest bidder, and the Washington Redskins are banking big on Grffin's arm.

Once the deal is finalized, reports are stating that the Rams will swap picks with the Redskins in the first round this year, give up their first round pick in 2013, first round pick in 2014 and possibly their second round pick this year as well.

What are your thoughts?  Huge gamble?  Ol' Monte and his buddy Joe ran down the list of Heisman winning QBs that have panned out to be a success in the NFL and here is what we came up with - now, remind  you, it's still way too early to judge the likes of Cam Newton, Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, etc.  :

Carson Palmer, winner in 02

Vinny Testaverde, winner in 1986

Doug Flutie, winner in 1984.

Jim Plunkett, winner in 1970 - hey, I know, bad career numbers but the man won two rings.

Roger Staubach, winner in 1963.

Then, we have to go back into the EARLY days of football.  Point being, with 76 awards handed out, I have seen three QB winners hold their own in my life-time.  Not a Hall of Famer since Staubach. Gino Torretta anyone?

Best of luck to the Washington, but man - I don't know about this trade. That is a lot of picks.  Do you think RG3 pans out?