I've been in a similar situation, but it was as a result from a bean burrito and not the neglect of a janitor. Karen Perrin of Washington D.C. stayed late at work on a Friday night only to get mistakenly trapped in her employers restroom.

“Perrin packed up her bags, left them at her desk and made a trip to the ladies room. she had no purse or cell phone with her.

When she came out of the stall, washed her hands and tried to leave, the restroom door was locked. Perrin, who is married to former Redskins Running Back Lonnie Perrin, couldn't call him.

She used a chair in the restroom to dismantle the lock on the door, ramming it, kicking the chair. It finally broke off, and she used it as a tool to chisel a hole in the wall next to the door. Eventually she was able to reach her hand through that hole and unlock the door from the outside.

But that was more than eight hours later. “ – myfoxdc

I think the most interesting thing about this story is that this chick is married to a former Redskin’s player. How can you spend so much of your life with a professional football player and not learn how to free yourself from a bathroom quicker than 8 hours? If this lady would pay attention to what her husband use to do for a living she would have busted through that bathroom wall like the Kool-Aid Man the moment she realized that door was locked.