I can’t believe I didn’t know Paul Stanley was on Lopez last night. Thank God for the internet.

 So what’s unique about Stanley’s performance last night on Lopez? A few things actually, first you don’t really see Paul perform without the make up since KISS started doing reunion tours some 10+ years ago. Second, his hair is pretty short and he’s not wearing a wig. It looks like the hair-do he was rockin’ around 1981 when ‘Killers’ came out. And here’s the biggest thing. He’s not playing guitar during ‘Detroit Rock City’. It’s strange but cool to just see him singing without a guitar around him. It’s kind of funny because he’s such a ham on the microphone that you’d think he’d like walking around and singing to people, but I guess that somewhere inside he’s probably a little bit shy. Sounds weird, I know. Anyway, it’s great to see Paul in a different setting. I know I make fun of him with being a ham and all, but I love him. KISS was one of my earliest influences in music and all though I don’t love everything they’ve done. I will always love KISS. When you watch it, notice how the guitar player (who kind of looks like Dennis Rodman) just totally hacks up the guitar solo. Even Paul can’t help but make a face at the end.

After that you can see him perform ‘Rock n Roll All Night’ with Randy Jackson on bass and Lopez even gets in on the singing. He knows all the words which was surprising to me. Hey, it’s always fun to find out who else is a KISS fan. Check it out at Blabbermouth.com