Last night the NFL owners voted as scheduled on the new 10 year collective bargaining agreement, and they approve.  Now it looks like everything is up to the players.

Here is hoping that by the end of the day today we are saying that the NFL lockout is over.  It is very likely, but some how I think that something will get in the way of the players getting this collective bargaining agreement approved.  The reason why I don't think it will be approved is because the owners added a few things into the new deal that weren't there before.

Now the players are put in a very awkward position.  The public now see's them as holding up the process, which they are, but is it fair that the owners are just adding things as they go along?  This could be a deal breaker for a deal that was close to being sealed.  The players put off their Wednesday night vote to look more closely at the agreement and sources close to the NFLPA say they aren't happy.

The current deal that was voted on last night hasn't even been shown to the players, so how are they suppose to vote on it?  If you look at it logically you wouldn't agree to something you haven't seen or sign a contract you haven't read, so you can't blame the players there.  I know the players are only looking out for themselves, but to Joe football fan it makes them seem greedy.  We need a solution tonight, so hopefully they are able to work something out.

On another note the Hall of Fame game, which was suppose to take place on August 7, has been cancelled.  The lockout not being resolved doesn't leave teams with enough time to prepare for it.