After 80 something days of the lockout and no progress being made, Roger Goodell and NFL owners are starting to think about other possible options.

 Yahoo Sports reports that an 8 game season is one way of going, but if they can get things together by week 4 they also have a plan of getting in the full schedule by skipping all byes and breaks in the playoffs. With these fantastic NBA and NHL finals I haven’t really thought about the NFL much, but I did catch an episode of NFL 2nite the other day and then it started to hit me a bit that there really may not be an NFL season this year. To put it simply… that would really blow. But if that’s the case, I hope the television networks are smart enough to start talking to the NCAA about airing a few of the big college football games on Sundays. That would certainly help fill in that space. It wouldn’t be the same, but for those who only watch professional football, they would get a chance to watch some football that is like a playoff game every single week.