The down side of lap dances not considered art is strip clubs have to pay taxes, but the up side is I can let my daughter go to art school now.According to the times union after a long debate on rather or not Capital Region Strip club Night Moves should be except on sales taxes has been concluded.  Night Moves owner had made the argument that his dancers we’re performance artist and the business should be exempt on sales taxes. A compelling argument indeed however in a 4-3 vote the state has determined that a lap dance is not art.

Not art? You try telling that to my dork who REALLY appreciates a good piece of art. Given not every stripper is an artist but a few of them are artiste in what they do. You can’t just take your clothes off and slap yourself and call it art. But if the stripper does it correct and tells a drawn out compelling story of how that bra got from her chest to the floor then whammo that is art!