The University at Albany is the planning stages to build a new football stadium that will seat anywhere from 6,000 to 24,000.   A construction firm has been hired to design and build a multi-use stadium that will be completed in 2012.  Included in the plans are suites and club amenities. As a division 1 school, the football facilities are lacking at SUNY Albany. The current situation is at University field is very inadequate and have bleachers that hold at most 10,000 people.   The stadium that will be built is part of a three pronged project that includes repair and replacement of the track and construction of a artificial turf field.

The stadium will not be placed where the current football field is, it will be built on a new site.

The school and firm are still in the design stage, but at least its a move in the right direction after being denied many times in the past.