We did it! Finally a merit people can actually be proud of. Top medical science school? Best law program? Nope, its party or bust when you come to SUNY Albany!

This is truly a dark horse story when FiestaFrog.com named SUNY Albany the #1 Party School in NY. Since I have moved to the capital region I have herd nothing but of all the ways the man has been trying to hold down the campus of UA. Cracking down on public drinking, canceling events that allow open containers, even moving the spring break dates to correspond St Patrick’s day to prevent students from being around cant hold these students down.

Well students of SUNY Albany against all odds you still managed to end up on top. You did and no one deserves it more than you! No better time then now then to march into the streets o Albany chanting and rioting over your new found accomplishment. Let us all rejoice and chant “We’re #1” over and over as we tip over random parked cars on the street and set fire to the Hudson. I know setting water on fire sounds impossible, but so does wining #1 party school. The students of Albany proved there are no limits to what you can achieve when given 3 beer bongs, a 4 loco and just enough crushed up riddling to get through the night. Congratulations!