Finally! No more sissy stuff. Finally someone had the rocky mountain oysters to develop a beer with some real balls!Maybe it’s because I’m from the northeast, but I can’t understand what would make someone want to eat the testicles of anything in the first place. I mean I understand college girls and such, but rocky mountain oysters are a Colorado specialty? Really? You eat balls and call it a specialty?

For me to want to eat the testicles of a bull, that bull would have first had to have killed my whole family. Then when I was seeking revenge I might black out and think it was a good idea to eat his giant floppy bull bits, but only out of rage. I’m just saying these bulls must have done something really messed up to the wife of this brew master for him to want to make a beer out of their love lava sacks.

PS: I wonder how this beer tastes...Salty?