The latest Call of Duty game comes out tomorrow, well midnight most places.  Nerds everywhere are super pumped for it and no doubt it will leave many people on their couches with hands stuck in the video game controller position.

I haven't been playing video games much lately, but people who do are obsessed with the Call of Duty games.  When the last one came out people had COD parties and disappeared for weeks on end playing mission after mission.  If I had time for video games I would probably play the hell out of this one.  It looks sick.

The last game, Black Ops, set a record for how much it made in it's first 5 days.  Now with this one out it will no doubt a billion more copies to gamers everywhere.  The games publisher Activision says that they have already received more pre-orders for Modern Warfare 3 than they did for Black Ops.  That's pretty crazy.  I think it's safe to safe that those of you who will be playing it will be AWOL for a little while.  Happy gaming everyone.