A winter storm is upon us and that means it's time to hunker down in the warmth of your house with supplies. Most people think of the basics like water, canned food, etc. Me?

Well, I don't think like most others.

Porn - If you are by yourself during the storm, you are going to be bored at some point (and horny) and here's a great start to cure that boredom. Also, hand lotion might be needed as well. What would make it better? Having a significant other watching with you.

Xbox 360/Xbox One/Playstation 3 or 4 (or gaming system of choice) - Once again, if alone - this is perfect, especially if you have Xbox Live or the Playstation Network. I will be taking part in WWE 2k14 along with Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

Chips - No matter what if you are alone or having a blizzard party, you are gonna need grub, including chips! I'll be honest, when it comes to Nacho Cheese - Great Value at Walmart is great! Why bother with canned foods - go for the not-so-healthy option if you are going to be stuck inside (you can workout when it's not snowing like hell out by digging out your car).

Red Solo Cups - If you are having a party, flip cup or even beer pong is a great option to help pass the time (and get ya tipsy quick - which leads us to the next one).

Alcohol - Personally, I have Vodka stocked up with Jaeger at my house regularly so I am set. Beer is also needed.

Twister - Red Solo cups and alcohol all lead to some more interesting things and nothing is more interesting than a bunch of drunk friends playing Twister while stuck inside due to a snow storm. Have some fun and make some rules; like for red, drink one shot; blue, chug a beer for two seconds; yellow, body shot; green, two shots.

Condoms - Look back at past major snow storms. Nine months later there is a childbirth boom. Stay away from that and stock on up on condoms and have them handy. Hey, people like to get freaky when stuck inside and drunk.

Advil (or other headache relief) - After drinking and drinking and drinking, you are going to need a cure for that hangover right? So this is one is self-explanatory.

Hope this survival check list has helped you. Enjoy!