I just had a gig fall in lap for this Friday at Jillian’s of Albany. A pretty cool gig too. Turns out we’ll be opening for Ernie and the Automatics. A band that features members of Boston, Peter Wolf’s House Party Five and John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band. This edition of Mrozek and the Yeahguys will include George ‘Whore-Hey’ Snyder and Tony Pellegrino and should be a good time as it’s been a while since I played a gig. Often times, when you haven’t played out in a while it’s quite refreshing to get out and jam a few tunes. Sometimes it can be a little rusty when you’re not playing all the time, but there’s something special about just getting together unrehearsed with some friends that almost always makes up for any lack of practice. We’ll be hitting the stage with an acoustic set from 9-10p and then it’s Ernie and the Automatics.

 I hope I get a chance to speak with Barry Goudreau from Boston. I’d like to ask him about Brad Delp and if he has anything interesting to say about him. I never really understood how a guy like Brad could take his life. I didn’t know him personally but I did meet him a few times as he had a house in the town I grew up in NH. He played with the teacher’s faculty band at a show I played in at my high school. It was pretty funny. It was the 80’s so I used to puff my hair quite a bit back then. Brad happened to walk by me while I was bent over blowing drying my hair upside down. He stopped and just gave me this look like ‘What the heck are you doing kid?’ I’ll never forget it. He did tell me we played great afterwards though. Included is a picture from around that era. It’s probably a year or so afterwards, but I’m pretty sure that’s the same polka dotted shirt I was wearing when Brad Delp looked at me funny.