After 14 years, Jillian's of Albany on Pearl Street in downtown Albany  is closing it's doors and going out of business. Saturday August 11th is the last night they will be open. Jillian's cites many reasons for the closure including a hard economy,  the loss of money,  it's size and the need for renovations.  The bar / nightclub was the center attraction in the revitalization of Pearl Street. Will you miss it? Take our poll.

From a statement posted on the Jillian's of Albany's facebook's page.

"Well there is no need to continue the countdown. Next Saturday will indeed be our last night open. The last few years have been very difficult and we have no choice but to close our doors.

Jillian's is a huge space with huge overhead. Our size has always been our biggest asset and our biggest obstacle. We are closing because we simply are not doing enough business to stay open.

We always had big plans on what we could do to make the place better. Redo the nightclub, get new games in the game room etc. Those plans didn't come to fruition because we didn't have the money to spend on The renovations. It's a viscous cycle. Need to make changes to revitalize the place. Need money to make those changes.

We have had some good times and some great events since we took over Jillians in 2007. In the last few years, Shane has brought many Great national acts to our stage. He also brought Pearlapalooza to Pearl Street which hopefully will continue for years to come. 

Thanks to all who have been supportive. To the rest, you can't please everyone. You got what you wanted. Adult Chuckie Cheese is closed. We did the best we could in a hard economy in a city going through some changes.

To people who think Pearl Steeet is done, you are wrong. At some point the transition will be complete. There will be people living downtown and there will be retail. The names and formats will change but there will also be bars and restaurants. Short term prognosis may be cloudy but Pearl Street will definitely be back bigger and stronger then ever at some point.

Jillian's has employed over 1000 people in 14 years. I am sorry to add to the departure of jobs from downtown. Thank you to my staff. Some of you, and you know who you are have been really miserable, but for the most part we've been blessed with a great loyal group and I am sorry that this is how it is ending.

The bar might not have a great selection this last week but I welcome those of you who have been a part of our extended family to stop in one last time. We will be open tonight, for lunch on Tuesday, and Thursday Friday and Saturday next weekend".

It's sad to see Jillians close. Most times Jillians was the only place open during the evening or on weekends in downtown Albany. It was a great place to grab something to eat before or after a show. They tried to do many things including a adult game room, and offering many musical acts. Some worked and some didn't, at least they tried. Business in downtown Albany in this economy is tough. Let's hope there will a new entrepreneur that will step in and take over the building with a new nightclub/bar/restaurant.