Don't lie, back about a decade or two ago you had your eyes glued to the TV show, Married With Children, for one reason and one reason only:  Kelly Bundy.  Easily the hottest girl on TV.  That got ol' Monte's hampster wheel turning.  What do all of my child hood chrushes look like today!?  Let's take a gander!

  • Christina Applegate played Kelly Bundy on Married With Children from 1987-97, causing me to lose focus from reality for a half hour every Sunday for over ten years.
  • Lacey Chabert graced my TV set while playing Claudia Salinger on Party of Five from 1994-2000.  When I was 13 in 1994, I thought, wow - a cuttie.  Now, I see her and I think - My number is (518) 929 - I mean, what?


  • Danielle Fishel was the quirky Topanga Lawrence on the sitcom, Boy Meets World from 1993-2000.  After seeing what she looks like post BMW, I am having a hard time typing this blog and not staring at her photo.  H-O-T!






  • Nikki Cox has been hot in just about every tv show she's graced with her beauty but I became a fan with her in Unhappily Ever After from 1995-1999.  She's so puuuurdy.

So, who am I missing? Do you have any ladies from the 1990's that turned out smoking hot years later?