Normally ol' Monte isn't a big comic book fan.  I do, however, love me some pretty ladies.  After checking out photos on-line of Anne Hathaway for several hours today, I must say, I would take Cat Woman out for a cup of tea. Check out some of the hottest female superheroes!

1) Catwoman.  Super power: Making men unable to string together a enough words to complete a sentence.  I'm sorry, is my tongue not in my mouth again?  Michelle Pfeiffer (Batman Returns, 1992)and Halle Berry (Catwoman, 2004) have both recently donned the leather cat suit before Anne Hathaway stole my heart in The Dark Knight this year.


2) Invisible Woman. Jessica Alba has taken the reigns as a member of the Fantastic Four.  Super Power: Can spy on me in the shower.  If it's Jessica Alba - I'm alright with that.



3) Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Super power:  Kills men with fangs. Less competition for me.      Though I had a huge crush on Kristy Swanson from the 1991 movie by the same name, I love me some Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Getty Images

4) Black Widow. Portrayed by Scarlett Johansson in 2010's Iron Man 2 and this year's Avengers, this character lacks a super power so to say.  Though, according to this video, she can kick my butt.  Objections: None.

5)  Kim Kardashian.  Super power: Ability to appear on every TV channel, magazine, website and publication.  It's not confirmed yet, but I'm fairly sure she is cloning herself.  That, my friend, is a super power.  We cannot be saved, she's even powerful enough to withstand a kryptonite dress.

Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images


What say you? Sexiest superhero of all-time is_________