Apple, then Google and now Microsoft. Another smartphone is rumored to be available soon, and Microsoft will try and grab a bigger slice of the mobile pie, compared to how much it has now with it's Windows 8 phones. Honestly, I have yet to even see a Windows 8 phone in the silicon flesh as it were.

Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

One thing is for sure, it's going to be an uphill battle for the folks in Redmond. They have to battle not only Apple, and Google/Motorola, but Nokia seems to be slowly working it's way back into the game. And then there is Samsung, who has their own little kingdom. Not to mention the partnerships Microsoft has with Nokia and Samsung. We heard that there was some backroom grumbling from Samsung when the Surface tablet was announced and would be competing with their own tablets. So what is Microsoft's game plan?

The source of the rumors is saying they will brand it under "Surface" like the tablet they announced earlier in the year, that was the talk of the tech world, till it crashed during it's debut on stage. Thankfully, there was another one handy. But Windows 8 is what Microsoft is hoping will sell these new devices. The interface is radically different than Mac and was scaled for mobile platforms.  I'm not a Windows fan, but I'm interested in the new interface for Windows. I want to see how it stacks up and works in the real world. But it'll be some time for that part for me.

But for the phone, it's said to be coming out soon. On the order of a couple months or sooner. So we could see some in the stores for the Holidays, but I'm inclined to believe they'll be out after the holidays. But then again, it is a rumor so it could be totally false. We'll just have to play that age old game of wait.