With the news yesterday of The National Transportation Safety Board voted to lower the legal limit for drunk driving to .05 from .08, now comes a story from Wisconsin of a new app that might be able to help you not drive drunk.

It's called the "Drive Sober" app and the Wisconsin DOT shelled out $50,000 for it to be developed. The app ask for the users' gender, (estimated) weight, how many drinks consumed in an hour (though it does not take into effect what kind of drink you have had or the strength of said drinks).

The app isn't bullet proof and states that even though you are below the current .08 limit, you could still be busted for buzzed driving. Also, the app isn't dead-on when it comes to what your actual BAC level is. The levels are just an estimate but in any case, if you are over the legal .08 - You shouldn't drive to test the accuracy.

The app does have disclaimers that users should read. It should be noted that the app cannot be used in a court to dispute a drunk driving case.

Though the app is only in Wisconsin, there is a great possibility that it will soon be rolled out nationally. Be on the look out for it soon on your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry.