Is it true, is this really going to happen? If so I’m dusting off the parachute pants and lacing up the Fila high tops right now.So after the tragedy of the Boston Marathon Bombings Mark Wahlberg was harassed with cameras and goons asking all sorts of questions. Mostly the questions were about the tragedy and it’s victims except for one. I don’t know who this boner is who asked if Wahlberg would do a reunion concert as Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch but I like his style. Sure it was in very poor taste and timing when he asked it, but the bait and switch with the questions was beautiful. Marky Mark agreed right? This means he’s got to do it. He wouldn’t lie to us would he? I sure hope not, because right now I’m getting some good vibrations from the whole situation. Don’t take that away from me Marky, just don’t!