Last Friday the godfathers of heavy metal, Black Sabbath, announced that they would be reuniting in 2012 for a world tour and a new album.  It's estimated that the trek could earn the band around $150 million. 

It's a wonder that Black Sabbath didn't reunite sooner.  All the original members have been busy doing their own thing, but the potential earnings for this reunion tour are far beyond what any of us could imagine making in a year.  In fact it would make most professional athletes jealous. reports that the band will earn around $150 million for their upcoming reunion tour.  That works out to be somewhere around $40 million per member.  That is a very nice pay check.  It also doesn't include any earnings from the new album they will be putting out in 2012 either.  This will be the bands first album together in 33 years, so you can only imagine that it will sell millions of copies world wide to the Sabbath faithful.