Linux, that cool operating system that is free to download and install and use, has been around for almost 20 years, and has been ported to run on a variety of different things, from game consoles that were hacked to smart phones and music players. It can be installed on almost anything. Now TVs are going to be added. With explosion of tablets and and media players, the Ubuntu distribution of Linux has been the most popular because it was easy to install, and updates were very timely and added a bunch of new features. The group that does Ubuntu, has also made plans to expand their offerings to tablets and now TVs. Their first offering will be the TV it looks like, with Ubuntu TV. It's first look came from the Consumer's Electronic Show in Las Vegas, and allowed people to try it out, with the first products to buy, available by the end of the year.

Like other media devices, it combines local media stored in your home, with internet based media. They haven announced which streaming services are going to be available yet, but I'm guessing that Netflix will be one of the major ones. Hulu Plus is also a good suspect for inclusion as well, but no confirmation has been given, so it could all change.

Competition is also pretty stiff. Google is said to be adding LG brand TVs to their line up of Google TVs. But even with that, Linux fans are known to be very passionate about their Linux offerings. It wouldn't surprise me that overall commercially, the Ubuntu TV isn't an over night success, but it does get a very excited cult following.

Honestly, I could see myself getting something like this if the price is right. But as of yet, no word on who will make the Ubuntu TV or a price. But I'm patient.