We always knew that a zombie outbreak would be caused by some odd turn of events.  However we never knew it would be bath salts.

The bath salts we are referring to aren't your average everyday relaxing bath salts.  These bath salts are a deadly mix of chemicals that cause people to go completely insane.  When a person is on bath salts they gain what seems to be super human strength, and become super violent.

So are bath salts going to lead us down the deadly road to a zombie apocalypse?  It seems like it supplies all the symptoms of a modern day zombie.  People on the bath salts have zombie like symptoms. Despite older films and stories portraying them as slow moving flesh eaters, zombies can be fast.  They are hungry, and you are food.

Imagine a zombie on bath salts?  That would be a super zombie.  Probably something that we don't want to deal with.