David Draiman from Disturbed has been quite busy lately.  Not only did he get married to past weekend, the band announced they were releasing a album of 'B-Sides' called 'The Lost Children' on November 8th.  Click to hear the first single 'Hell'.

The Lost Children’ tracklist

01. ‘Hell’
02. ‘A Welcome Burden’
03. ‘This Moment’
04. ‘Old Friend’
05. ‘Monster’
06. ‘Run’
07. ‘Leave It Alone’
08. ‘Two Worlds’
09. ‘God of The Mind’
10. ‘Sickened’
11. ‘Mine’
12. ‘Parasite’
13. ‘Dehumanized’
14. ’3′
15. ‘Midlife Crisis’ (Faith No More cover)
16. ‘Living After Midnight’ (Judas Priest cover)