I've been on a bit of a Steve Martin kick since seeing him at the Palace Theater a few weeks back. It has caused me to pull out his stand up comedy cd's and old SNL skits on Youtube. There are so many funny people out there, but I think Steve Martin is my favorite comedian. I think the biggest reason is that he is simply ridiculous. Really, he's just plain silly. And I love silly! I just found this footage from 1968 on the Dating Game when he was a writer for the Smothers Brothers. It's funny to see him before anyone knew who he was but still see  his witt and humor. It's also strange to see him with brown hair. Steve's been grey for so long that I just figured he went grey during his adolescence. The answer to my question of whether Steve has always been funny would have to be yes. But considering that I really only know what Steve Martin wants me to know about himself, I thought it was interesting to see a bit of him before he became a star. I also added a bit of his stand up comedy if you've never seen any of it as I find it amazing that there are so many people out there who like his movies, but don't really know anything about his stand up routines.