Women are not as then seem some of the time. The old saying "what you see is what you get" may not be the case once you take her home.

Since we stepped out of the caves and starting living life as civilized human beings, women have been looking for different ways to attract men. First it was a sexy skin of a saber tooth tiger, or a necklace made from mastodon tusk. Then came the invention of make up, and soon in life we had the corset, the girdle, the pushup bra, the weave, hair die, breast implants and full body spandex suits that suck in the fat and shape you like a Barbie doll. Perhaps things are getting a bit out of hand.

I have always been a fan of surprises, but only when that surprise is something better than you imagine. Never do I want to receive a gift in beautiful wrapping paper and assume inside is an X-Box, only to unwrap my present to revel a crappy beat up Neo-Geo! Ladies, if you hide too much and replace with false hopes you’re setting your man up for disappointment. Covering something up may be acceptable for a night or two, however just understand you are not aloud to be upset when things don’t work out.

A little honesty can go farther then some slutty makeup. Ladies, you dont need to trick a guy be changing your apearance...let the beer do that for you.

Be aware gentlemen. Some times things are not always as they appear. This video is proof!